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AAA Trade –

AAA Trade –


We offer 60,000+ Deliverable assets and 1,000+ CFDs  Open your door to unlimited market opportunities on one platform.



  1. AA Trade has the only MT4 platform with 1000 very varied assets, and because in my experience as a trader, I never imagined the possibility of trading so many assets on the MT4 platform. Is incredible!

  2. Managers insist all day to double the amount you have invested, once you do that they do not call you again and they block your account, it happened to me and it happened to a brother-in-law a month later. This broker must be reported.

  3. If you have really lost your money due to bad practices in a broker of doubtful origin the best thing you can do is resort to the chargeback. This option will allow you to fight for the money that belongs to you, so that you can have it back as soon as possible, sometimes it can be complicated but nothing is difficult to try.

  4. On m’a recommandé ce courtier parce qu’ils disent qu’ils offrent de bons spreads. Quelqu’un peut-il me confirmer cette information?

  5. He estado probando este corretaje con unos pocos dólares desde febrero. Después de todo, las revisiones falsas no significan malas condiciones comerciales o de empresa. La apertura de la cuenta fue rápida y por los momentos no he tenido problemas grandes.

  6. The variety of assets they have on the MT4 platform is amazing, I will certainly continue to operate for a long time with this company.

  7. When I started trading with them everything went pretty well but after a while I made a profit but they didn’t let me withdraw my money and blocked my account, they also don’t respond to any of my emails. They are scammers.

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