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  1. Have they TRADER? It is the new Cryptocurrency as method of payment. I have begun it to mine and it me works well>> the links of unload For Windows >>!4GIHFS4K!W2JR251ul…pNACJD56aQMTF8 For Linux >>!QaACGDoI!AWZFNNVLU…v93gPtwJ-nkdyo

  2. Bad support, the execution is bad. You cannot withdraw funds with your credit card until 60 days have passed since you requested to withdraw the deposit.

  3. I am satisfied with this broker, it is very good.

  4. Excellent recommended broker, fair profits and good spreads, they provide a facility with their platform so you can operate as you wish, everything is easier and they are good in their objective.

  5. They prevent fraud and are always attentive to users, quick and accurate answers, I congratulate Agea for doing her job so well.

  6. Operate with them since 2007, with your Streamster everything is easier and faster, they have everything you need from a broker, I have no complaints of any kind. I wish you could do scalping, but otherwise it is an excellent broker.

  7. Scalping does not allow, SL / TP cannot be set at + -7 pips, but support and withdrawal is fast, there is solidity in the operation and it is something that any broker does not offer.

  8. Solid and fair broker. Quick withdrawals, good promotions that can help new operators. It could be my favorite runner, they have good options.

  9. Impossible de m’inscrire pour le montant minimum, j’ai essayé deux fois et mon frère l’a également fait, mais aucun d’entre nous ne l’a fait. Seulement avec un compte premium et en payant plus d’argent, nous avons pu entrer immédiatement. La confirmation a pris moins de 24 heures. , c’est tres etrange

  10. The execution is dismal and technical support is never available, I really hoped to have a better experience with this broker.

  11. I had never tried a broker as deficient as this, I recommend that you do not operate with them because they will be very damaged.

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