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AL Trade Inc. is a leading trading company offering 24-hour access to the world’s largest financial market – the Forex world-wide currency market – and the most up-to-date trading technologies.

AL Trade Inc. offers corporate and private clients the opportunity to trade on currency markets through the MetaTrader 4 real-time trading system. This is one of the most innovative new generation trading platforms, providing advanced technical analysis systems and a Trade Terminal operating in real time mode.

This professional and user-friendly platform, equipped with multiple functions and setups, can be configured to suit the requirements of the most demanding traders.



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  2. Low reputation company, nothing is known about them. I would not recommend anyone to mix with these types of companies, they are usually newbies who try to keep your money.

  3. Unregulated company and supposedly located at 26 York Street, W1U6PZ London, GB. There is little information about them, I doubt it very much to invest.

  4. Não confie neste corretor, seus consultores exigem investimentos e eles dizem que você ganhará milhões de dólares com eles, depois de se registrar, eles exigem mais dinheiro e nunca permitem que você retire o dinheiro que depositar

  5. Its regulation is a good reason not to invest with this company so I recommend not to do so.

  6. The data they have on their website is false, so it can be deduced that this company is dedicated to scamming their customers so I recommend that you do not try to operate with this broker.

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