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Capital TradeFX –

Capital TradeFX –

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Minimum deposit: 100$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4  


  1. There is not much to say, this broker has no good recommendations anywhere. Apparently it is one of the many brokers that does not have real regulation in any of its locations, the excess of anonymity prevents that respective claims can be made. Will anyone have more information?

  2. They manipulate the platform so that you earn less and the withdrawals take what is not in the writings. Horrible broker!

  3. Honestly, I didn’t think this broker was a scam until they took all my money and denied me access to withdraw my money. Reading more reviews made me realize that I was not the only victim.

  4. I deposited £ 17,000 in hopes of getting more. Because of this scammer company I had to hire the services of an expert / money recovery consultant to help me recover my money and I successfully recovered £ 15,000 from them.

  5. It is not a reputable broker if you investigate well you will see that they only have negative comments everywhere, they are not reliable.

  6. My nephew invested with them and they asked for $ 5,000 to withdraw $ 2,000. Do they have consistency? They are thiefs.

  7. The minimum deposit is acceptable and always at the beginning of the first month the service is excellent and everything goes well, the problem arises when you start to generate profits, everything becomes a disaster.

  8. They withdrew 700 USD from my bank account without my permission, I called to get answers and demand that the money be returned and they never responded, they always sent me to someone else to attend me but nobody said anything.

  9. El peor broker que he conocido en la vida, dicen tener un buen servicio de consultas y responder 24 horas pero es mentira, no lo hacen. De hecho el correo suministrado es falso.

  10. La sezione educativa è molto semplice, non offrono abbastanza libri pagati o corsi per allenarsi a livello di strategie, questo broker sembra essere molto nuovo sul mercato

  11. Ils manipulent les graphiques pour que vous dépensiez beaucoup plus d’argent et réduisiez beaucoup vos profits en mettant des commissions élevées.

  12. Questa società lavora rubando ai suoi clienti, quindi non provare a investire con questo broker perché il loro unico obiettivo è fare soldi e non si preoccupano dei soldi degli utenti.

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