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CityIndex –

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The City Index Advantage:

  • Trade indices, FX and equities in one account
  • Advanced trading platforms
  • Trade on the go with mobile apps
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Educational guides & support
  • Support 24/7
  • Expert analysis tools & research


  1. good and reliable broker regulated by FCA
    Good customer service and prompt withdrawals. Happy to continue using if traders are entered and output of errors not fault broker.
    stop loss function well and spreads raissonable.First brokers in the world withdraws money is very quick

  2. I just closed my account with the index of the city after it became very obvious that I scamimng. Your platform freezes or becomes sticky the moment you try to close a winning trade. The platform can freeze or process the instruction continuously while observing the price change in the background and the moment it finally allows its instruction to go ahead, gets less than it should have.
    I blamed my computer and flash player when asked about this.
    I do not recommend them.

    • I’d avoid these as well. I was trialing there SB and CFD platform and found issues with closing trades. Out of 31 trades in a 9 day period I had issues closing 12 where the option to close went blank as if the market had closed but had not. 8 trades resulted in slippage in profits and 3 resulted in a loss.
      I sent screenshot of the highlighting my concerns. No support. I closed my account.

  3. Their platform I like, I think it is a good choice for new merchants. The execution is fast, perhaps not so much as other big brokers, but so far I’m satisfied.

    • What about withdrawal? There is a broker that works very well until you have to withdraw the money.

  4. I have been using the platform for US Crude daily bets for the last 18months as they offer a low minimum stake and reasonable spread as I try out my strategies.

    On the good side I have not experienced much slippage.

    On the negative side the instrument is often not available online, it rolls to the new monthly contract later than most other platforms which can be confusing when using different charting software. Day Trades are not rolled as on some other platforms.

  5. I have used them as my main broker for over a year mainly because of their low Dow spread of 1 point in market hours.
    Great platform most of the time (see below) fast and easy to use.
    Poor/basic charts (I get charts elsewhere) and when the market move fast platform strugles to cope.

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