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Codexfx –

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Minimum deposit: 500$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4, Sirix


  1. In many comments people comment that they try to request a refund and receive no response, usually when most of the comments of a broker are negative is because they are right.

  2. They ask for a high deposit in minimum account, for a lousy service. The sirix interface is slow and the graphics are obviously controlled.

  3. Total deception, broker which should be distrusted because even his advisors say they do not believe in their own broker, mine recommended that I forget about money and not invest more, we became friends and thanks to that I could save my finances.

  4. They intend to be the best option with good conditions for investors in the forex market, but they are scammers, unregulated and with poor customer service.

  5. Excessive anonymity in the company, even with broker agents, do not use their real names, use false names or nicknames and different phone numbers, probably disposable.

  6. What real brokers do is publish the registration details as well as copies of their certificates so that users can verify them, they say they are regulated but do not publish anything, they are false.

  7. To deposit they have available credit channels through MasterCard, Maestro and Visa, but to withdraw the money they have nothing and take a long time, I am still waiting for my refund.

  8. Non posso raccomandare questo broker nonostante il fatto che durante il periodo in cui ho operato con loro avessi buoni guadagni, ben assicurati del 12%, il problema è che quando ho chiesto di ritirare i miei soldi ci sono voluti 5 mesi per effettuare il deposito di denaro, inizialmente ho creduto che mi aveva truffato ma ci è voluto solo molto tempo

  9. In many opinions they have constantly complained about their customer service that is virtually inexistent because they do not respond to refunds or errors, only investments.

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