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First BTC FX –

First BTC FX –

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Minimum deposit: 500$

Platforms validated: First BTC FX platform  


  1. The graphics function on this platform is extremely good and can allow any type of technical analysis trader to make informed decisions when entering and leaving the market.

  2. The initial deposit is high of $ 500 when it is normal for professional brokers to be $ 100 it is obvious that they are a scam.

  3. This broker scams users by charging undue commissions and not paying for affiliations as promised.

  4. Losing money by operating badly is not a scam, but they take it away without even giving you the opportunity to request to withdraw them, but simply delete your account, that is a THEFT.

  5. A friend asked for a loan of $ 5,000 to invest in “a Forex broker that promised him a 20% monthly return.” Yes, I told him to google “Forex scam” and saved his life on time. You can’t trust every broker you just know, be careful.

  6. From my point of view, it is a good broker for high leverage, but for bass it only generates losses, they must correct it because they are scamming small investors.

  7. After a month of operating with them they still don’t generate confidence, I hope I can give a better comment soon.

  8. They do not match the promotions they make in their advertisements and what their web pages say, they even offer for calls plans that do not appear anywhere else, they hook people to steal them.

  9. It is not safe to operate with this broker, I have the belief that most of the brokers that include the word “BTC” in their names is because they are false.

  10. Thieves in search of foreign money, they always give you excuses when you want to withdraw the money and do not give it to you, after 5 months waiting and claiming I do not even receive any apologies.

  11. Ich mag die Grafiken dieses Brokers überhaupt nicht, sie verzerren auch, wenn es offene Trades gibt.

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