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FX88 –

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Minimum deposit: 100$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4


  1. Is this a reliable broker? There is not much information about them or comments to verify their good application as a broker.

  2. Hiding in a false name, they trick people with promises to earn a lot of money in a short time, posing as our friends, keep calling constantly until we give in and make our first deposit, of course they will look for a new deposit of more money.

  3. never give the number of 3 figures that you have on these cards to these bakers, since if you do, you will give them free rein so that they can make deposits themselves from your card to the account of the broker and without your consent, they are used and scammers.

  4. The money you lose is never recovered, these deceptive companies seek ways to hide so as not to be captured, they are rats.

  5. I have $ 900 available in my broker account to withdraw, but to do so they require me to give them 10% of that profit in a deposit, it seems disrespectful since the payment for the transaction will also be charged, they are Some thieves

  6. My aunt has invested 1000 euros in this broker, and it all started very well but after six months, the broker was asking more and more money to invest in cryptocurrencies and has ended up losing 50,000 euros.

  7. Loom of abundance… It is so obvious that it is a pyramid scam to be sad…

  8. It is scam. Search for opinions on Google and you get a lot of information. It is better to go to a regulated broker or at least offer good advice.

  9. Cette société cherche seulement à garder votre argent et ensuite, elle ne vous contactera plus, ne songez pas à utiliser ce courtier.

  10. Su Internet puoi ottenere molte opinioni su questa società, la maggior parte dei commenti sono negativi, quindi non fidarti di questo broker perché perderanno molti soldi.

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