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Minimum deposit: 500$

 Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4, cTRADER


  1. After a year of operating with them, I think they are serious people who seek to offer good services, I have never seen them manipulate prices or my money without supervision from me, they are very attentive.

  2. Easy system execution and fast trading platform give you a great advantage. Instant deposit and withdrawal can be made by yourself on the website if you are using a credit card, skrill or neteller. It has useful tools.

  3. They do not offer contact number, that is necessary for the clients that we are going to invest with them, how can we contact them?

  4. The broker mentions being part of Prime Intermarket Group Asia Pacific Ltd, which they mention is based in Vanuatu, but I have doubts about that. I honestly don’t think it’s exactly that way and that it’s a scammer broker.

  5. Minimum deposit very high for what it offers, and some comments raise doubts. Is it worth investing $ 500 for a broker that is not so reliable? I honestly wouldn’t bet anything on them.

  6. Two months operating and I have no complaints, but I do not consider it a great broker, I think it can improve.

  7. Bad broker, does not offer benefits are a facade to rob good people who want to get better benefits from trading.

  8. I have been called nine times in less than two weeks insisting that I invest with you, I do not know how they found out that I invest in trading and the broker I am currently working with, but I am afraid to think that a broker may be able to know these things, they probably have a hacker.

  9. Je pense que c’est un bon courtier, mais le dépôt minimum est très élevé et empêche de nombreux petits investisseurs d’avoir recours à leurs services.

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