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FxPro –

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Operate global markets with FxPro

Advantages Trading with FxPro:

  • Up to 7000 orders executed per second
  • 99.9% of orders executed in less than 50ms
  • Unrestricted trading strategies / systems
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Low Spreads in 6 asset classes


  1. Great platform and customer service, however the execution sometimes couldn’t be worse. Get a lot of invalid prices or the order just hangs for seconds before being executed. Would not recommend for trading news.

    • Agree with Zack. On Server Real 1 it takes a while for executing orders, but Real 2 is faster, don’t know if it is the same with everyone.

    • Well, sir, i don’t know why you have any problems with order execution. Yes sometimes they have slippages on news but not often. In my case i can’t complain on this. Maybe it’s just yo? a little bit unlucky or you have software problems.

  2. yes dont trade news there and Dont trade asian .,.. they are horrible that times ..
    although im partner with them for long time now and they seem very reliable and good conditions und europe trading

    0.6 spread eur / usd and 3 pips aud / jpy
    will buy my lamborghini very soon

  3. this is very good info for me. thanks guys for all yr comments and feedbacks. i’m planning to use fxpro as my broker and the info i ve got here is invaluable.

  4. I was a bit skeptical towards using FxPro after trying their Demo account for some months with frequent ‘No connection’ messages; however, I was positively surprised that this didn’t occur on the Live account.

  5. I love this broker even sometimes I get some re-quotes. I still can manage making good money especially during US time session. I believe that some time pending orders are best to use instead of market order because of the fast movement of the market price.

    Looking forward to hearing more opinions about this broker.

    Best wishes,

  6. I like this broker even sometimes I get some re-quotes. Despite this I can make good money especially during UK session. This broker is definitely one of the best and most reliable for now. They do not interfere in trade and behave honestly.

  7. After trading for 5 months with Fxpro I finally choose this broker as my main. They offer quite good conditions, stable execution and I can use successfully my EA’s. All my withdrawals were done in the same or next day and I received more than 130% of my investment already.

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