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  1. It worked for me, with an initial of $ 250 and after that double my earnings, wanting to withdraw part of the money the process was slow but I have nothing negative to say more than that.

  2. They have very few comments on the review websites, recently I have registered with them, when I have results I will tell them how they gave me. I will be careful since it is an unregulated broker.

  3. I hate this broker, it’s crap. I wish I had never invested with them.

  4. I never invest again in this broker so anti-professional, it simply doesn’t generate any profit and on the contrary my money is blocked.

  5. The interpretation of brokers in operations and speculation is false, they do not know what they say or do and generate more losses than profits. After investing $ 12,000, I only have $ 4,000 available. I’m so angry.

  6. Do not invest in something that will leave you broke, my father did it and left us with an external debt and all because of this broker. The managers took advantage of a 79-year-old man to take away all his money and make him invest more and more in them, they called him even in the early morning to ask for more money.

  7. I regret having operated with this broker, they are useless.

  8. Esse corretor não favorece seus clientes e constantemente procura desculpas para conseguir comissões, além de sua plataforma não funcionar corretamente.

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