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GoCapitalFX –

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  1. I completely distrust this company, a friend was taken money through the btc bank and never recovered his money. There is no address, real names, everything is false. They are playing with the demonstration operation and are criminals. Never transfer a penny. They will never offer their identity, that’s criminal enough.

  2. I signed up with them in may 2019. They were very helpful as they wanted me to invest more. Whenever I had any issues they would change my account manager.

  3. total scam really feel daft to be had by these bastards

  4. t is a fantasy to believe that this company will generate real income for everyone, it is a lie, it is false, they are thieves.

  5. It is not a good broker for everyone, do not accept any of the conditions they provide.

  6. Its name makes you believe that it will be a beneficial broker for everyone but it is false, it is just a ghost company that wants to cheat as many people as possible.

  7. I do not recommend this broker, I lost my initial fee and two more investments, they never gave me an answer for it or even an explanation from my agent.

  8. This is why they never recommend taking this type of broker into account, do you see the large number of negative comments? that disgust that there are companies so dedicated to scamming.

  9. It is absurd to think that you will make a profit with this broker, they just take your money and disappear. Scammers.

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