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Key to Markets –

Key to Markets –


Tipo de Broker: ECN
Deposito minimo: 100
Diferencial de las principales divisas en Forex:
EUR/USD: 0.1
USD/JPY: 0.6
Apalancamiento maximo en Forex: 500:1


  1. Hey, how are you? My opinion is positive. The managers in Spain of this broker are very professional and trustworthy people, which I value very much. They give and offer courses and seminars and help you adapt and adapt to market offers.

  2. The attention is quite good and that is positive since not all brokers offer good customer service.

  3. I feel satisfied with the execution with the Key to markets platform, it is excellent, fast and accurate. With this broker I learned to make quick decisions, I recommend it without thinking.

  4. The server sometimes freezes, especially when there is volatility in the market, they have to take care of this because they prevent operations from being done effectively, sometimes you cannot see the closing price of the markets and they do not respond to these failures

  5. Their website is fond of and does not have good updates, but outside of that they are a good broker, very professional, they have details to improve like all brokers but there are no serious complaints

  6. They have a wallet system that allows you to upload your bank details, so withdrawals are made quickly and you don’t have to worry about constantly withdrawing profits. They are quick to the doubts of the clients.

  7. The commissions are low and withdrawals are done quite quickly, excellent broker.

  8. For some reason the operations are always closed when I want to use the stop loss and the technical service has not yet solved my problem.

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