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Why Forex Forex?
We offer high leverage, stop loss and guaranteed fixed margins as well as a wide variety of currencies, indices, marketable securities and assets with no commissions or hidden costs.


  1. This is a very, very good broker for CFDs & Shares. Allow expert advisors and have little commisions.

  2. 100% comfortable with them

  3. I can only generate positive comments, very good broker.

  4. What good luck, happily, I ran into this broker.

  5. you have no garantees when you try to choose the honest broker,with this broker I feel very safe during year I was trading with them and they prove themself. there is no slippage, and withdraw the profit any time i need to smoothly.

  6. Hello I have very good news today. I am trading for a long time on Forex and have rich experience in trading. But this broker surprised me greatly, with good service and the withdrawals are instantly. happy…

  7. this type of brokers I like the most. they have helpful support so before I deposit my account investigate. I agree with what they offer.

  8. I confirm what everyone comments here; the reason is very simple, corroborating come every day, with each of my trades, good solvency of the broker.

  9. He could not find a good broker to help me with solvency with my online business, happily and pass that situation.

  10. I am very happy with Limafx on a number of points, very competitive spreads, easy withdrawal of funds, and great customer service with an assigned dedicated account manager, I now trade exclusively with this broker after having traded with a number of other brokers in the past, I would certainly recommend Limafx to any new or existing traders.

  11. Pienso que es un corredor como cualquiera otro corredor que ofrece MT4, la Ășnica ventaja son los spread fijos y reducidos.

  12. I use this broker for more than a year without complaints. I also apply the withdrawal every week or fifteen days that arrives at my bank within an acceptable period. I can say that it is a good and reliable broker according to my experience.

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