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Works with different regulated partners (other brokers and liquidity providers) around the world. That is why offers operations in all markets, with different trading platforms and different conditions. You can trade with us more than 5000 currency crosses, 50,000 shares and CFDs, 10,000 ETFs and investment funds, hedge funds, futures, options, PAMM funds …


  1. This broker works with CFDs and I must say that it is very potential, that it offers too many benefits to its clients, it is positive.

  2. We can not guarantee that it is not a scam of a fake website, but so far my father-in-law is doing excellent with this broker, despite this I do not generate confidence that is why I decided to invest in another.

  3. My cousin was scammed for $ 1000 with them, they never started trading with their money, they just took money out of the account for “interest and maintenance” until they spent it for no reason, I want to know if someone else spent the same.

  4. You have to be careful when choosing a broker, it is one of the most important points of your trading strategy, the markets are for you to operate, not for others to do it for you, the previous training is basic and this broker places managers newbies to generate losses with the money of others, beware.

  5. This broker is a shark that just wants to take your money and go swimming to keep ripping off.

  6. Este bróker posee herramientas de negociación muy interesantes pero aún así no me parece lo suficientemente bueno para utilizarlo, debe mejorar mucho más para convencerme por completo.

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