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Self Bank –

Self Bank –

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Easily manage your movements, with the same experience from any channel and device.
Control your expenses and income automatically with our personal finance system unique in the market.
Organize and filter your movements using personalized labels.
Avoid unforeseen and scares, setting the alerts that interest you
And all in the most visual, easy and simple to use.


  1. Excellent products and services

    It is one of the few banks, if not the only one, that cares about the opinion of its customers. In addition to this, it offers very profitable products and does not charge commission for anything

  2. Web very bad, nothing ergonomic or operative, as well as slow, and with access problems. Graphics, platform and other options that work poorly or do not work at all, horrible print-lists (unconfigured or lacking in information), errors and bottlenecks in the operation and in documents, tremendous bureaucracy. Zero advice. Concealed commissions (as in non-euro transactions), or without justification; Abusive terms in transfers and transfers. There is no way to know the detailed calculation of the commissions, nor the sums and subtractions that supposedly lead to the final balance; And refuse to provide information. And above all the most inefficient, incompetent, impersonal and superb care service.

    • Well my experience has been Excellent ..
      Self Bank has a great time. It does not charge you commissions and still pays you interest if you are self-taught from the bank and mainly from your website. As you do not read and correctly interpret the instructions and the contracts you may be disappointed

  3. I put the money in, and after three months I got the interest without any problem. Many of the complaints are for not reading the conditions well, as it is the first deposit that counts for the deposit. When you make the first deposit, you are automatically created by the deposit. If I could I would hire him again.

  4. They perfectly fulfill what they say.
    – Great seriousness and rapidissimos with the processing on.line.
    – Once the term of the Self Deposit has passed, you enter the money plus interest in the current account, having the possibility without cost, to open on.line and at the moment the savings account, with an interest at this time quite interesting.
    – The only thing I find missing from my part is that they do not send you an email every month, an extract of the movements made.

  5. I am very satisfied with the opening of my account, everything simple, fast and free. I have also opened an account to invest in the bag with the promotion they have (give away € 100) and I love everything they offer as a broker.

  6. I am happy with this bank, they do not charge me commissions for anything and the conditions of the account are good.

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