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XGlobal Markets –

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Minimum deposit: 500$

Platforms validated: MetaTrader 4


  1. I am starting with this broker and I am pleased that I work with the MT4 platform. But I would like to know the opinion of others.

  2. It does not seem to be a bad broker, in fact it looks like a good broker and most of the services it offers are the same as those of the other brokers.

  3. First they call you and they insist that you invest a minimum amount and then that you already invest they tell you that a supposed manager who promises you a good profit will contact you and convinces you that you invest a greater amount, but in the end it is a vile scam.

  4. They do not have PAMM service, this platform could improve and not be so basic, we have evolved and many brokers offer better services than this.

  5. The demo account is bad, they say it is unlimited but it does not work, it is only to decorate the web.

  6. Among the list of brokers available to etfs is one of the “good”, the bad thing is that they ask for a high deposit for an account that offers nothing new.

  7. I like that the app is available in different versions but none is good, neither for ios nor for android, it is too slow.

  8. They have a good platform, the web has the necessary information, I consider that it is a normal broker it does not have much to offer but it is not bad either.

  9. La plataforma funciona perfectamente y estoy contento con el servicio que me han ofrecido, retiros rápidos y un servicio técnico excelente que está activo casi en todo momento.

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